New WPUnite Pricing

I’ve made a pricing change to my plugin and theme bundle, however it’s subject to change at any time.

Since I like to keep things simple here’s the price.


One Year Full Access and Support to all our plugins/themes with unlimited personal/client rights (unless otherwise noted, does not auto-rebill)

30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

That’s it. Simple right?

Order The Bundle

After purchase you’ll get directed to an Access link where you can register quickly and download everything.

New Direction and New WPUnite Theme

I’m making a number of changes to the WPUnite offer and website. I’ll be rolling them out this summer.

The first thing you might notice is that I’ve developed a new WPUnite Theme which I’m now using on this site. It uses Twenty Sixteeen as a framework and it’s coming together nicely.

It’s now available in the download area.

Here are some features. Continue reading “New Direction and New WPUnite Theme”

How can I improve my WordPress site speed?

Site speed is the delay between a user clicking on a page link and when they see your content on their device. The speed can be affected by many variables; server times, caching, layout, amount of Css and JavaScript required to load on each page, images, redirects, plug-ins, mobile responsiveness to name a few.

In order to determine how your site is performing you should test it after any major changes to your theme or design. An easy test you can use is the Page Speed Test offered by Google, or Pingdom Website Speed Test after typing in your full URL (don’t forget the www), either site will test both the mobile and desktop sites and offer suggestions on what you can change to improve the way your site loads.

Some of the simplest fixes would be to: Continue reading “How can I improve my WordPress site speed?”

Check your site for hacks

Do you want a quick way to check if your site has been hacked?   Just because it doesn’t appear hacked doesn’t mean it hasn’t been.

Test Your Site Here

It’s important that you check your site regularly to see if it’s been compromised.

See my post here on protecting your site.

Even if your site checks out okay you should still follow the steps mentioned.

If it fails make sure you have a WordPress security plugin to thoroughly check your site.  I’m using Wordfence which did a good job of cleaning up my issues.    If you want a premium solution check out Sucuri.


WordPress Tips and Tricks: Line Spacing

Have you found yourself in the middle of creating a post on your WordPress blog when you hit enter to move down a line and all of a sudden you have a double line space instead of a single line space?

WordPress is set up differently than most word processing programs we are used to. The enter key actually tells WordPress that you are starting a whole new paragraph rather than a new line like MS Word or Pages. How do you avoid this frustration when writing?

The easiest way is the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ENTER when you are at the end of a line, this will let WordPress know that you are simply done with the line and don’t want to create a new paragraph.

What other tips would you like to hear about? Leave a comment below and we will answer them in a future blog post!